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I get to travel quite a bit for work. Here, I keep all my roundup posts, with endless pictures, of all the places I’ve been lucky to see.

Keep it weird. :)

Portland, Portlandia

When I graduated from college, I had three cities in mind as to where I wanted to move: Portland, OR; Bloomington, IN; and Washington, DC. That list probably tells you a lot more about me than I care to admit. In the end, I chose to move to DC. 

On the way to the Arch, the water in the fountain was dyed red for the Cardinals. At least, so I'm told.


Last weekend, I took a very brief, albeit appreciated, trip to St. Louis, MO. It was my first time there and we were visiting for a wedding, which turned out to be one of the loveliest that I’ve been to. On Friday, I had some time to myself and got a chance to walk around downtown. After grabbing lunch and spending some time reading, I walked around the parks on Market Street. It was a gorgeous day out, so I walked right through the sculpture garden straight to the Gateway Arch. That was the one big thing I had to make sure I saw before leaving St. Louis, so I wanted to visit as soon as I could.

The sight to see when in NOLA, St. Louis Cathedral.

New Orleans, LA

Last week, I went to New Orleans, LA with part of the Store team to work on some projects in person. It was an extremely productive trip full of great discussions and, more importantly, action items that came from our talks to continue to improve on the work that we do. Since we rented a house in the Garden District, we spent most days at home, working. As our team grew, our meetups had gotten larger and larger, so it was nice to spend a whole week with a small group, even though I missed seeing all of my coworkers. It gave us a nice opportunity to cook for each other, chit chat over dinner, and the like.



Hawaii is far. Like, really far. I think it’s the furthest away from home that I’ve ever been. I learned just how far Hawaii was when I double-checked my travel plans and saw that my direct flight from Newark to Honolulu was over eleven hours. That’s almost an entire (waking) day. It’s super weird to get on a plane at 9am and to get back off the plane at 9pm.

The view from the Piazza XX Settembre in Teora.

More than a vacation

For the past year, I’ve been working with the wonderful group of people at italyMONDO to start the process of becoming a dual Italian-American citizen. My family immigrated from Italy a few generations back. However, because they never renounced their Italian citizenship, my grandmother, mother, and I were all eligible for Italian citizenship through our bloodline. At least, that’s the very simplified way of putting it.