Author: Erica

Taken September 13, 2015.

365 Photos – 37/52

My photo-editing-fatigue may be lasting more than a week. Most of these pictures were taken on my phone, but I did try out an animated GIF which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Photography is what it is and in both writing and images, the struggle is typically in capturing the moment. I’ve been growing increasingly curious of what that desire means in the context of an moving image, without it being film.

Taken August 20th, 2015.

365 Photos – 34/52

I took so many pictures this week, and I know I’ll be taking even more next week because I leave for Brazil tomorrow. In one week, it’ll be my birthday, which I keep forgetting and I’m also oddly excited about. I usually go to a pizza place on my birthday, but this year I had originally made plans to go to Paris, since I’d celebrated my 18th there. (I’m turning 28, so exactly 10 years.) 

Taken July 8th, 2015.

The Golden Notebook

A teacher recommended The Golden Notebook to me my final year of high school. At the time, I was 16 and wore a Bikini Kill shirt I’d written a feminist quote on every single day. I wore my political views on my sleeve and wasn’t quiet about it, at all.