Author: Erica

Taken August 16th, 2015.

NY in the 2015’s

Change is the genius of the city, what has always made New York what it is. But the whiplash rezoning of more than 40 percent of the five boroughs during Bloomberg’s tenure has produced a generational-based moral crisis. Longtime residents no longer feel the joy of the ever-altering landscape, the rapid clip of cosmopolitan turnover that creates continuity. From What Everyone Gets Wrong About ’70s New York.

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365 Photos – 43/52

I’m doing that thing I do since I’m getting closer to finishing my photo a day project, which is not doing it. I get so close to the end and then start to lose interest, so I keep missing days here and there. I refuse to stop though!

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I must have still been in high school when I found this piggy bank in a thrift store way out in Berlin, NJ — a city not nearly as exciting as its name would suggest. For some reason, I’ve been oddly attached to it for as long as I could remember, even making some efforts to “restore” it way back when I wanted to go into art restoration as a career path.

Taken October 17th, 2015.

365 Photos – 42/52

Last week, I was in Utah for the Automattic Grand Meetup. The meetup was, as usual, amazing. There were so many times when I’d be walking down the hall wishing we always lived in this crazy hotel — as if I could somehow curate my own world and community with these Automatticians that I adore and admire so much.